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Summons tally for period ending Aug. 16, 2015

The following is the latest summons tally for the 34th Precinct:

Violations 28 Day  7/20 – 8/16 Year to Date
Public Consumption of Alcohol 214 932
Unreasonable Noise 90 498
Public Urination 43 278
Motorcycle Confiscations 13 73

Source: Data provided to 34th Precinct Community Council by NYPD.

Data for the prior period is available here. The weekly CompStat felony data is available on our Crime Data page.

Weekly summons data from 34th Precinct

The following data was provided to the 34th Precinct Community Council by NYPD:

Violation 28 Day  7/13 – 8/9/2015 YTD
Public Consumption of Alcohol 199 862
Unreasonable Noise 75 473
Public Urination 41 264
Motorcycle Confiscations 18 70

Data for the prior 28-day period was published in an earlier post.