Crime Data

Click here for the latest weekly CompStat report on major crimes reported in the 34th precinct. Weekly summons data is here.

New! NYPD has just released CompStat 2.0, with faster, more detailed, and easily searchable incident reporting. Access Compstat 2.0 here. For a news article that describes the new system, visit

For more detail, the interactive map below shows recent and historical crime reports in the 34th Precinct. Locations of crimes on the map are linked to the intersection nearest the location of the crime report, not the exact location of the reported incident. Crime information is added to the map monthly.

You can use this tool to compare historical data and to compare the 34th Precinct to others nearby and citywide. To change the time period reflected on the map, click on the “calendar” page icon at the bottom of the map. You can also filter by type of crime and choose summary reports and other details.

For more information, visit the NYPD crime map page, where you will find detailed explanation of the methodology behind the map.

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