Your neighborhood cops: Sector A

Updated May 9, 2016

The following is a list of officers assigned to patrol Sector A (“ADAM”) of the 34th Precinct. To find your sector, check the precinct map.

Important: Call 911 to report emergencies. For more information about who to call when, read our Guide to Neighborhood Policing in the 34th Precinct.

Neighborhood Coordinating Officers:

Officer Edwin Rodriguez

Det. Thomas Troppmann

“Steady sector” patrol officers:

Name Email Sector Platoon
Otis Casey Sector ADAM 1st
Christian Olivera Sector ADAM 1st
Emilio Pichardo Sector ADAM 1st
Warren Wlliams Sector ADAM 1st
Cristian Duran Sector ADAM 2nd
Nelly Vega Sector ADAM 2nd
Dave Landesberg

Sector ADAM 2nd
Scott Mullen Sector ADAM 2nd
John Bonhomm

Sector ADAM 3rd
Kevin Lopez Sector ADAM 3rd
Vanessa Rivera

Sector ADAM 3rd
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